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Institutional Goals

Institutional Goals


- foster research and reflection (both dogmatic and philosophical) about the judicial system and procedural law in general, seeking to investigate methods and techniques that can better implement legal rights in the contemporary world;

- incentive excellence, innovation and diversity in legal research, seeking a positive impact in the justice system and with emphasis on problem-solving in learning and informed communities;

- search for global engagement by addressing the complex problems of the world creatively and humanely, specially in a multi-cultural context;

- promote the circulation of ideas and joint academic production among several schools, with the use of comparative law to inventory foreign solutions that can be adequately transposed into the Brazilian reality;

- integrate alternative perspectives and different disciplinary frameworks, analyzing inputs with quantitative and qualitative reasoning;

- promote academic and scientific events, such as congresses, seminars and workshops between research institutions linked to members and collaborators of the network, and other institutions that produce relevant research in the field;

- enable the diffusion and debate of the academic production of the network;

- edit joint publications among the various institutions and professors, members and collaborators of the network, as well as the students and researchers linked to the related research groups;

- propose to Congress drafts for the creation and modification of statutory procedures that best meet the current needs of civil justice in Brazil;

establish and strengthen inter-institutional relations at both national and international levels to optimize the dissemination of the research results;

- promote the exchange of students at national and international level for research internships and courses in the institutions connected to the network, under the supervision of the members and network collaborators, encouraging double degree and co-tutorship;

- promote the exchange of visiting professors and researchers between the institutions of the members and collaborators of the network;

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